Relaxation Comes in All Shapes and Sizes...

We created our spa packages just for you. We’ve mixed and matched all your favorite things so you’re sure to get the most relaxation possible. So pick and choose your favorite, and we’ll see you soon!

Caucasian hands - one painting the other's nails at Beau Monde Spa.

Deluxe Delight (5.25 Hours) $401

  • Maximum Pampering – sure to become your favorite! A Hot Stone Massage, Anti-Aging Facial, Anti- Aging Manicure and Eucalyptus Pedicure.

Add a Shampoo and Blowout to any package!

A Little Bit of Everything! (4 Hours) $298

  • 60 minute Relaxing Massage, Yonka Classic Facial, Signature Manicure (or Shellac Manicure) and Signature Pedicure.

Quality Time for Two! (1.5 Hours) $304

  • 60 Minute Relaxing Massage for TWO people and Signature Pedicure for TWO people.

Just for Max (3 Hours) $206

  • 90 minute Firm Massage, Express Manicure and Signature Pedicure.

Pure Bliss (2 Hours) $199

  • 60 minute Relaxing Massage and Yonka Classic Facial.

Mommy-to-Be (3 Hours) $194

  • 60 minute Prenatal Massage, Signature Manicure and Signature Pedicure.

Megan's Treat! (2.25 Hours) $194

  • 30 minute Relaxing Massage, Express Facial, Express Manicure and Express Pedicure.

Dazzling Duo (2 Hours) $146

  • 60 minute Relaxing Massage and Signature Pedicure.


Services have been discounted and a 15% gratuity has been added to package prices. Packages can’t be broken into individual services, and no substitutions are permitted. Please allow ample time to schedule packages!