Party in the Front, Relaxation in the Back.

When you walk through our doors, we want you to feel our energy. Be swept away by the intoxicating aromas of the boutique. Catch the contagious laugher coming from the mani-pedi stations. Go ahead, dance around a little as you browse. The atmosphere is upbeat and fun and we want everything about it to permeate through your bones. We’re so glad to have you here! 

Waiting room at Beau Monde Spa's East location, with plush couches and comfortable chairs, natural lighting and a wicker table.

When you head back to the Relaxation Room to prepare for your massage, the mood shifts. Soft music quickly drowns out any stress. Low lighting invites you to close your eyes and breathe deeply. Before you know it, your shoulders are relaxing and you can feel the tension slipping away, away, away.

Relaxing Massage

Light to medium pressure; based on Swedish technique, this massage will help you unwind from stress and calm your senses.

Firm Massage

Not too light, not too deep; this massage is perfect for therapeutic relief and relaxation from chronic tension.

Deep Tissue Massage

Do you suffer from old injuries, scar tissue build-up, deep chronic pain, or muscle spasms? This massage treats deeply rooted tensions. Not for sensitive individuals.

Prenatal Massage

Consistent massage throughout your pregnancy can help alleviate lower body discomfort and keep moms-to-be more relaxed. Massage cannot be done in first trimester.

Massage for Two

Our massage suites provide space for side-by-side treatments; catch up with a friend or spend time with a loved one. Each person may choose their style of massage; duet massages must be scheduled for the same amount of time. Add $10 per couple based on type of massage.

45 minute Massage

  • Relaxing…$65
  • Firm…$70
  • Deep..$75
  • Prenatal…$70

Signature Massage

60 or 75 minute massage includes a heated neck roll, eye pillow, and steam foot treatment.

  • 60 min relaxing…..$85
  • 60 min firm…….$90
  • 60 min deep tissue…..$100
  • 60 min prenatal……$90
  • 75 min relaxing…$105
  • 75 min firm….$110
  • 75 min deep tissue….$120

Deluxe Massages

90 minute massage featuring premium Yon-Ka Paris restorative oils. These 3 silky and aromatic oils are specifically created to Detoxify, Relax or Energize. Includes a heated neck roll, an eye pillow plus a foot scrub OR moisturizing keratin hand treatment. A steam foot treatment finishes this luxury service

  • Relaxing….$115
  • Firm….$125
  • Deep….$135

Stress Rescue Massage with Steam Canopy

(75 minutes) The perfect blend! We’ll target your stress with 60 minutes of massage followed by 15 minutes of essential oil infused steam therapy in your personal steam canopy. While enjoying the benefits of the steam you will receive the ultimate scalp massage.

  • Relaxing….$110
  • Firm….$115
  • Deep….$125

Hot Stone Massage Body Treatment

Features warm river stones which are strategically placed on your body and used as a massage tool to work the soreness out of tight muscles. The stones help to soften muscle tissue, increase circulation and allow you to achieve blissful relaxation.

  • 75 min….$128

Eucalyptus Scrub Massage

A light exfoliation preps the skin for a pure state of relaxation using the natural essence of pure lavender with patchouli, lemon, nutmeg, basil and eucalyptus. This blend of essential oils soothes the mind with its calming aroma. A quick shower followed by an hour aromatherapy infused relaxation massage. Pure bliss!

  • 90 min…$128

Sweet Scrub & Rub Body Treatment

This creamy blend of natural sugar cane, shea & mango butter gently exfoliates leaving the body oh-so-smooth. A quick shower with sweetly scented body wash infused with grapefruit, orange & vanilla prepares your skin for a 60 minute relaxing massage with sugar smoothie body cream. What a sweet treatment!

  • 90 min….$128

Massage Enhancements

  • Yon-Ka Paris Hot Oil Body Treatment (30min)**….$45
  • Moroccan Oil Scalp Treatment (15min)**….$18
  • Keratin Moisturizing Hand or Foot Treatment…..$10
  • Dry Brushing (15min)…..$20
  • Foot Massage & Scrub w/Steam Towel (15min)**…..$22
  • Steam Canopy (15min)**….$25

  • Requires Additional Time