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We love giving you the experience you want – whether that’s a high energy or complete relaxation, our East location has what you need to get the job done. Here’s a peek at our East location – see you soon!

Brunette woman lying on her stomach, eyes closed, receiving a relaxing back massage at Beau Monde Spa.

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Packages of yellow, pink and green electronic facial scrub brushes sitting high on a shelf.
Bare Minerals makeup display at Beau Monde with different shades of foundation.
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Colorful sales display of Smashbox beauty products at Beau Monde, including lip gloss and lip liner in multiple pink and neutral shades.
Two wooden manicanne necks and heads with painted faces on them, each wearing a decorative hat for sale at Beau Monde's spa.
Five closed, black, square tubes of Smashbox lipstick, with one final tube lying on its side, open, a shade of peach.
A 3D light in the shape of a star, sitting atop a table of tall wooden circular tree trunks.
A collection of Smashbox makeup application items strewn about on a table, including photo finish cream and two power application brushes with red handles.
Small, circular containers of Bare Minerals powder foundation scattered among several tubes of Moxie Lipgloss.
A wooden relaxation chair with animal print padding in a spa setting. A plant sits behind the chair, and a large metal peace symbol hangs above it.
A tray with three separate sections: one with light purple gel scrub, the middle with light blue cream with a leaf sticking out of it, and the third with a dark blue scrub.
A carry-on sized travel bag, black in color with light grey zippers sitting next to an indoor plant.
Two brown leather couches facing each other with a long narrow table in between. The table has a large, circular, lit candle on it.
A decorative chandelier hanging from Beau Monde's ceiling. A very large wooden peace symbol hangs on a stone wall behind the chandelier.
A clear medicine jar full of oversized marshmallows sitting next to a sign that says,
A blue jar of MorocconOil with a white lid sitting next to two tall pump containers of the same product, next to a lamp shade with crystals dripping off the edge.
A door open, inviting you into a body treatment room. The wooden door has a gold doorknob, which has a red tassle hanging off of it.
A wooden door with a sign hand painted on it that says,