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Want Less Stress? Change How You Think About It. And Then Come Treat Yourself With A Stress Rescue Massage!

Eliminate the harmful effects of stress by changing how you think about it. And then come get a Stress Rescue massage here at Beau Monde!

Want Less Stress? Change How You Think About It. And Then Come Treat Yourself With A Stress Rescue Massage!

Stress. Ugh, right? I mean, who doesn’t think about their todo list and get a little frazzled? A little jittery? A little anxious about getting it all done? And not just done – but done well? Before you know it you’re exhausted from all the stress and you can’t sleep and we all know what lack of sleep does to our health… it’s a slippery slope, and one you might think there’s no way around.

Okay, take a step back. While you’re at it, take a deep breath. We got this. And we gotta change the way you think about stress. Because as it turns out, it’s not the actual stress that’s bad for you. It’s the way you deal with it that can be.

We’re not making this up. It’s scientifically shown that you can change how something affects you just by making up your mind that how it affects you will be positive.

Kelly McGonigal wrote all about this concept in her book called The Upside of Stress, which is totally worth a read if you’re into neuroscience like, at all. Even if you’re not, just indulge us for a minute, okay? One of the studies in her book examines two sets of housekeeping crews. One group was shown a poster that described how housekeeping activities (lifting, bending, pushing, etc.) qualify as exercise. The poster even showed how many calories were being burned while doing those activities. They were told that what they do every day exceeds the surgeon general’s recommendation for physical exercise, and that they should expect to see results accordingly.

The other group was simply told that exercise was good for their health, but they were not told that their housekeeping activities qualified as exercise.

And guess what? The group that viewed their daily activities as exercise actually lost weight. They lost body fat, too. Their blood pressure went down, and they even reported liking their jobs more.

Whoa, right?

So, what if you change how you think about stress? Or, more accurately, what if you change the way you think about the things that stress you out? “The effect you expect is the effect you get,” Kelly says.

It’s not easy, and it’s not quick. But it really is that simple.

Real mindset changes don’t just happen overnight or all at once – we get it. But let’s say you make one tiny decision to ignore a nagging feeling to get anxious about something. Just one. That’s a huge step in the right direction.

So take that step and see how you feel. We think you might feel like rewarding yourself. Here at Beau Monde, we live and breathe pampering you, so here’s a look at three treatments we really love right now.

Stress Rescue Body Treatment

This 75 minute body treatment combines the best of everything you want when you’re trying to deal with stress. We kick things off 60 minutes of massage followed by 15 minutes of essential oil infused steam therapy in your personal steam canopy. While you’re enjoying the benefits of the steam (detoxification!) you’ll receive the ultimate head massage. The stress rescue massage is available at Beau Monde East or Beau Monde West in the pressure of your choice: relaxing, firm, or deep. We target the physical effects of your stress so you’re more equipped to handle it next time.

Hydrafacial MDTM

You’ve seen this on Dr. Oz! It’s a non-invasive treatment that combines hydra-dermabrasion, a mild acid blend to soften congestion, automated painless extractions and a special delivery of antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and peptide rich serums, into one quick treatment that delivers honest-to-goodness results. Also available at both East and West locations; you can’t go wrong with the Hydrafacial MD.


If you’re short on time, we’ve got you covered with one of our express manicures or pedicures. In and out – no fluff! But if you want to stay a while, we’d be thrilled to pamper you with a signature manicure or foot treatment. So give us a call to schedule a farmhouse fresh seasonal manicure, sugar sweet manicure, or maybe a peppermint pedicure. And – you guessed it – you can go East or West for these mani-pedi treatments!

We’re overflowing with ideas on how you can treat yourself for choosing to handle your stress well. It’s kind of our thing. Come see us!