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Spa Services – Beau Monde Wichita Spas

Beau Monde Spa and Boutique is Wichita’s premier full-service day spa with 2 convenient locations. If you’re looking for excellent experiences and over-the-top customer service, we are relaxing, fun and unique and waiting for your call!

Our experienced massage therapists will tend to your specific body needs. Feel your stress melt away with Yon-Ka Paris aromatherapy in every massage! Our massages come in 3 pressure styles allowing you to choose Relaxing, Firm or Deep Tissue.

Relaxing Massage

Light to medium pressure; based on Swedish technique, this massage will help you unwind from stress and calm your senses.

Firm Massage

Not too light, not too deep; this massage is perfect for therapeutic relief and relaxation from chronic tension.

Deep Tissue Massage

Do you suffer from old injuries, scar tissue build-up, deep chronic pain, or muscle spasms? This massage treats deeply rooted tensions. Not for sensitive individuals.

Prenatal Massage

Consistent massage throughout your pregnancy can help alleviate lower body discomfort and keep moms-to-be more relaxed. Massage cannot be done in first trimester.

Massage for Two

Our massage suites provide space for side-by-side treatments; catch up with a friend or spend time with a loved one. Each person may choose their style of massage; duet massages must be scheduled for the same amount of time. Add $10 per couple.

Express Massage

30 minute massage focusing on one targeted area of tension for quick relief!
relaxing/$40.00; firm/$45.00; prenatal/$45.00

Signature Massage

60 minute or 75 minute massages; includes a heated neck roll, eye pillow and steam foot treatment.
60 min relaxing/$75.00; 60 min firm/$80.00; 60 min deep tissue/$90.00
60 min prenatal/$80.00
75 min relaxing/$95.00; 75 min firm/$100.00; 75 min deep tissue/$110.00

Deluxe Massages

90 minute massage featuring premium Yon-Ka Paris restorative oils. These 3 silky and aromatic oils are specifically created to Detoxify, Relax or Energize. Includes a heated neck roll, an eye pillow plus a foot scrub OR moisturizing keratin hand treatment. A steam foot treatment finishes this luxury service
relaxing /$105.00;  firm/$115.00;  deep/$125.00

Body Treatments

Stress Rescue

The perfect blend!  We’ll target your stress with 60 minutes of massage followed by 15 minutes of essential-oil infused steam therapy in your personal steam canopy. While enjoying the benefits of the steam you will receive the ultimate scalp massage. This is likely to become your favorite!
75 min relaxing/$100.00;  firm/$105.00;  deep tissue/$115.00

Hot Stone Massage

75 min/$118.00

Features warm river stones which are used as a massage tool to work the soreness out of tight muscles. These stones help to soften muscle tissue, increase circulation and allow you to achieve blissful relaxation.

Lavender Luxury

90 min/$118.00
The natural essences of pure french lavender mixed with patchouli, lemon, nutmeg, basil and eucalyptus soothes the mind with its calming aroma. Includes a light exfoliation to prep the skin, plus a quick shower followed by an hour aromatherapy infused relaxation massage. Pure bliss!

Sweet Scrub & Rub

90 min/$118.00
This creamy blend of natural sugar cane, shea & mango butter gently exfoliates leaving the body oh-so-smooth. A quick shower with sweetly scented body wash prepares your skin for an hour relaxing massage with sugar smoothie body cream. What a sweet treatment!

Massage Upgrades

Yon-Ka® Paris Hot Oil Body Treatment** 30min/$45.00
A dry exfoliation prepares your skin to be covered with warm, moisturizing Yon-Ka essential oils. While you are cocooned in warm blankets you are given the ultimate scalp massage!
Moroccan oil Scalp Treatment** 15 min/$15.00
Treat yourself to a service that gets to the root of the matter, your scalp. Antioxidant-rich argan oil combined with herbs and essential oils are massaged onto the scalp to balance and hydrate your skin.
Keratin Moisturizing hand or foot treatment/$10.00
3 in 1 treatment that strengthens nails, softens cuticles and moisturizes.

Dry Brushing 15 min/$10
**Requires additional time 

Package pricing

Buy 5 of the same style massage, get 1 free! Must be pre-paid at first treatment. East Location only.

Our experienced Estheticians will listen to your skin care concerns and perform the perfect treatment as you unwind on a warm spa table. Send your skin and body to a happy place.

Express Treatments

Perfect for the person on the go! A great way to get refreshed skin in less time. No fluff.
30 min/$60.00

Express Facial

Featuring Yon-Ka Paris products, we cleanse, tone, extract and hydrate your skin with appropriate products for you.

Express Microdermabrasion

Treatment on the face and neck with our DiamondTome crystal free microdermabrasion system.

Dermaplaning ($50)

A quick and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz). This is a non-invasive procedure, and this type of hair will not grow back thicker. Add to any facial treatment for $30.

High Frequency ($25 or add to any facial for $15 – Beau Monde West only)

The soothing high frequency energy is discharged into the skin where the electrode makes contact.  Benefits include: increases circulation, reduces enlarged  pores, produces erythema which improves skin color, aids in exfoliation, dries the skin to heal pustules, cleansing and germicidal effect to combat acne.

Signature Facials

45-60 min/$100.00
Experience a relaxing facial tailored for your skin type or condition. Includes hand & arm OR neck & shoulder massage!

Acne facial (45 min)*

Includes necessary extractions plus a salicylic acid treatment to kill bacteria, heal blemishes and help skin recover more quickly. No massage.

Red Out facial (45 min)

Uses seaweed, micro silver and antioxidants to calm rosacea and hypersensitive skin.

Oxygen Facial (45 min)

Exfoliates with gentle enzymes and infuses oxygen, plant derived stem cells, and peptides into your skin. Perfect for getting ready for a special event!

Microdermabrasion (45 min)*

Improves fine lines, texture, and color by removing skin’s topmost layer, revealing more supple, vibrant skin. Non-invasive and pain free, it requires no down time. Schedule as a standalone treatment or add on to any facial for $30.00

Back Facial (45 min)

Treatment for an often neglected area. Includes deep cleansing, extractions and a pore refining mask. Great for those who suffer from back acne!

Yonka Classic Facial (60 min)

Holistic and customized deep pore cleansing aromatherapy treatment.

Signature Facelift (60 min)

Vitamin C, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, and gentle effective enzymes speed up cellular turnover. Lightens, tightens and brightens all skin types.

Alpha Vital (60 min)*

Skin is gently regenerated with alpha hydroxy acids. Restores smoothness with the 1st treatment.
*Best results seen with 4 treatments spaced 2 weeks apart.

Deluxe Facials

75 min/$120.00
Our most indulgent, pampering treatments. Includes neck, shoulder, hand & arm massage, plus NuFace Trinity microcurrent facelift.

Repechage VitaCura Rejuvenating Facial

Specifically designed to invigorate, lift and firm mature skin. An enzymatic micropeel helps uncover a vibrant complexion. Two massages and a cool spirulina seaweed mask with pentapeptide firm and smooth the skin.

Yonka Excellence Code Anti-Aging Facial

An exceptional high performance anti aging treatment. A two step deep exfoliation along with specialized anti-aging massage will leave your complexion beaming with a more youthful appearance. Increases skin’s firmness, elasticity and hydration.
FREE: Make-up touch up with any service! 

Hydrafacial MD

Signature Hydrafacial MD (45 min/$150.00)

Your skin is deeply cleansed, exfoliated, extracted and hydrated. Choose from neck & shoulder or hand & arm massage.
Buy 5 Signature HydraFacials and get 1 free! Must be paid for at time of first service.  East location only.

Deluxe Hydrafacial MD (75 min/$220.00)

This intensive treatment begins with lymphatic drainage therapy to initiate the detoxification process. Next, your skin is deeply cleansed, exfoliated, extracted and hydrated. This treatment also includes Multi-Peptide Dermabuilder to address fine lines and wrinkles OR Britenol to address brown spots, followed by LED light therapy. Includes treatment on the neck & decollete, plus neck & shoulder massage or hand & arm massage.

Custom Hydrafacial enhancements

Gly-Sal 15% (stronger exfoliation) $15.00
LED Red light therapy (for wrinkles, redness and inflammation) $15.00
LED Blue light therapy (for acne) $15.00
Facial lymphatic drainage $15.00
Dermabuilder $30.00
A multi-peptide blend to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for younger looking skin
Britenol $30.00
An intensive spot corrector to reduce the appearance of dark spots, leaving skin brighter with a more even complexion.
Neck & Decollete treatment $50.00

Facial Upgrades

Yon-Ka Paris Hot Oil Body Treatment 30 min/$45.00
We dry brush your body, then apply warm Yon-Ka essential oils to your your skin. While you are cocooned in warm blankets you are given the ultimate scalp massage!
Eye Treatment  $20.00
A gentle yet thorough remedy that uses collagen eye pads to reduce puffiness and the NufaceTM microcurrent to infuse the delicate eye area with much needed moisture.
Moroccan Oil Scalp Treatment $15.00
An indulgent massage that relaxes, stimulates and tones the scalp using Moroccan oil.
Foot Massage with Steam Towel $18.00
Keratin moisturizing foot or hand treatment $10.00

Unwind in our custom made manicure chairs designed with the client in mind. You relax while we do the work! Extra comfortable pedicure chairs that massage and recline with the latest technology to ensure sanitation and client safety, our number one priority.

Express Hand Treatments

No fluff here!  A quick service.

Shape Buff and Polish     $18.00

Express Manicure  30 min/$22.00
A quick soak, cuticle work, shape nails, light lotion application and polish.

Signature Manicures  60 min / $35.00

Hydrating Manicure

We use an indulgent collection of almond based products formulated to moisturize, exfoliate and hydrate. Includes an exfoliating hand scrub, illuminating masque and a stimulating hand and arm massage.

Shellac™ Manicure 

A dry express manicure followed by the famous Shellac polish. Zero dry time! Includes light lotion application.

Warm Oil Manicure

Specially designed for dehydrated hands that suffer from dry, cracked cuticles. Imagine yourself in the tropics as your hands soak in warm pineapple scented oil. Cuticles and nails are groomed to perfection followed by massage that will have you relaxing on the beach. Nails are buffed and shined for a natural look. Nails are hydrated and healthy! No polish on this service


Deluxe Manicures – 75 min / $50
Enjoy a neck wrap, extended hand & arm massage, steam towels and Yon-Ka Paris Aromatherapy! Includes polish color of your choice.

Deluxe Shellac™ Manicure

We begin with an exfoliating scrub, then a disposable glove with Copaiba Oil, Keratin, Vitamin E and UV protection is slipped onto the hands to hydrate while cuticle work is done and fingers are polished with Shellac. A hydrating cream is used for massage, leaving skin silky smooth.

Farm House Fresh Seasonal Manicure

From farm to treatment, the fragrances are freshly picked based on the season. Oprah says the FHF scrubs smell so good, she wants to serve them on berries! Includes an exfoliating scrub, a custom mask and a shea butter finishing cream….. it’s Simply Scrumptious!

Sugar Sweet Manicure

Seduce the senses with this sinfully sweet soak, infused with grapefruit, orange, and vanilla. A sugar scrub infused with natural sugar cane, shea and mango butter gently exfoliates. Finished with sugar smoothie creme. A sweet treat that smells good enough to eat!

Lavender Aphrodesia Manicure

The gentle scent of french lavender is mixed with patchouli, lemon, nutmeg, basil and eucalyptus. This blend of essential oils relieves stress and induces relaxation while your nails are perfectly groomed and polished.


Express Pedicure Treatments

A quick service, up to 45 minutes.

Shape Buff and Polish Toes (no cuticle work) $18.00

Express Pedicure /$47.00

The important steps with NO fluff! A quick soak, cuticle work, trim and shape nails, foot filing plus polish of your choice. Includes light lotion application.

 Express Shellac™ Pedicure / $47.00

This DRY pedicure includes cuticle work, nail shaping, Shellac polish and a light lotion application.  ZERO dry time!

 Signature  Pedicure Treatments 60 min/$55.00

Signature Pedicure
Your cuticles and nails are groomed to perfection. Rough areas are filed and smoothed. A light scrub preps the lower leg and foot for a stimulating and hydrating massage. Finish with the polish of your choice. (Shellac polish $15.00)

Bourbon Bubbler Pedicure

Brown sugar and bourbon combine in an intoxicating gingersnap-pecan scented scrub for a spiked exfoliation, prepping legs and feet for a warm lotion massage. The nails and cuticles are groomed and polished to perfection. Leaves skin bubbly fresh!

Deluxe Pedicures  75 min / $80
Includes heated neck wrap, steam towels, extended foot & leg massage and Yon-Ka Aromatherapy. Cuticles and nails are groomed to perfection and finished with the polish color of your choice.

Farm House Fresh Seasonal Pedicure

From farm to treatment, the fragrances are freshly picked based on the season. Oprah says the FHF scrubs smell so good, she wants to serve them on berries! Includes an exfoliating scrub, a custom mask and a shea butter finishing cream. Simply Scrumptious!

Peppermint Pedicure

The power of peppermint and baking soda exfoliate and deep clean your feet. Baking soda particles and pumice wash away dead skin, making way for a velvety soft mud mask. Rehydrates your skin while alleviating swollen, tired feet leaving you energized and invigorated.

Deluxe Shellac Pedicure

A disposable pair of socks with Copaiba Oil, Keratin, Vitamin E and UV protection is slipped onto the feet to hydrate while cuticle work is done and toes are polished with shellac. An exfoliating scrub preps the feet and legs followed by a hydrating massage.

Callous & Cracked Heel Pedicure

Kiss rough, dry feet goodbye! Abused feet are brought back to life with an intensive 20% lactic acid serum. Relax while your feet are painted with honey heel glaze and cocooned in steamed towels as the moisture revives your skin. Cucumber Heel Therapy seals in softness and hydration.

Sugar Sweet Pedicure

Seduce the senses with this sinfully sweet soak, infused with grapefruit, orange, and vanilla. A sugar scrub infused with natural sugar cane, shea and mango butter gently exfoliates. Finish with sugar smoothie creme. A sweet treat that smells good enough to eat!

Nail Upgrades

Keratin hand or foot moisturizing treatment/$10

3 in 1 treatment that strengthens nails, softens cuticles and moisturizes
Additional massage*/$1 per minute
French polish/$5
*requires additional time

baremineralsOur Beauty Boutique offers the final touch to a beautiful you! From make-up lessons to perfect smoky eyes, prom make-up to incredible bridal make-up, our experts can help you! We’ve mastered the art of strip lashes designed to last one evening and lash extensions designed to last weeks. If brows are your concern, we’ve got that covered too! Brow waxing, tinting or finding you the perfect brow pencil is what we love to do! Our “Try Before You Buy” Make Up Bar has been our philosophy since day 1. Try it, Love it, Buy it!

Special Occasion Make Up

(includes lashes) $55.00

Basic Makeup Lesson


Advanced Makeup Lesson


Make up Application


Blushing Bride

Includes consultation and wedding day applications. Payment is required at time of consultation.

Brow Tinting


Lash Tinting

$25.00 (brow & lash together for $40)

Lash Extensions

(Full Set) $200.00
(1 week fill)… $35.00 
(2 week fill)… $55.00 
(3week fill)… $85.00 
(4 week fill)… $105.00
(lash rehab)…$85.00

Strip Lashes

application free with purchase of reusable lashes

Ear Piercing

(includes earrings) $50.00
Must be accompanied by a guardian if under 18.

 COMPLIMENTARY foundation match or make up touch up anytime!